The Loser pours on the charm

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The Loser pours on the charm

Our mothers used to tell us, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." The Loser's mother should have told him, "If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything." But the Loser was never told this. Or maybe he was and he didn't listen.

So here's the situation, fellas. Put yourself in the Loser's shoes: You have a sexy, 22-year-old redhead sitting on your couch. She's wearing a red, strapless top and a short, black skirt that's slit all the way up her leg. She's in your house because she wants to fuck. That's the only reason she's there. But she seems a little nervous. So what would you do?

Put her at ease? Try to calm her down? Make her laugh? Talk about sex? That's what we would do.

But what does the Loser do? He asks Andi about her friends and relatives back home. He asks, "What're you gonna do if they find out?"

In other words, the thing she's probably most nervous about is the thing he decides to ask her about. Way to put the girl at ease, Loser.

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Featuring: Andi Adams and Dylan Scott
Date: May 23rd, 2024
Duration: 12:29

Member Comments

She's truly bangable material, cozy and toysfull as a siingle lover. Inspiring for a long nasty three holes punch, threescore. Exautive, on her pinkys...

I want to cum all over Andi’s face so bad!!!!!! Sooo beautiful!!!

OH MY!!! The loser WINS! Andi is the hottest girl I've seen on the loser's couch. Andi is FUCKING Beautiful!! Her smile, her eyes, her fantastic body, she is just the total package. I would LOVE to see more of her!!

Andi Adams looks cute !! Bring her back for more !!!

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