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Photos: 0
Video: 14 mins
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Slim

Alicia Alighatti's Photos and Videos

"I wanna be a porn star," 20-year-old Alicia Alighatti of Virginia tells us at the start of her scene. She's got the looks to go as far as she wants. Nice, firm tits. Five-feet-seven, 120 pounds. Long, brown hair. Perfect measurements: 36-26-36. But here's the deal: This is her first fuck scene. The Loser has been doing this for a while. He's the director. He's the pro. He's supposed to be the one in charge. Yet, there are times during this scene when we want to scream at our monitors, "Loser, direct the fucking scene already!" Yeah, we know. He's having a hard enough time just keeping his dick up to worry about directing the chick. But when the girl's hair is blocking the view of her left tit, he should be aware of that. He should say, "Alicia, please move your hair aside." But he's concentrating too hard on his own fucking-this isn't easy for him, you know-so she has to figure it out for herself. She rides his cock. We're treated to a view of the back of his head. He's fucking her in the spoon position. She blocks the insertion with her hand so as to rub her clit. This is when the Loser is supposed to say, "Move your hand just a little so the guys at home can see my cock moving in and out of your pussy." He doesn't say anything. Finally, things are going well. The Loser is fucking Alicia missionary style. She's moaning, really getting into it. Then, suddenly, it's like an earthquake just struck Loser Studios. He stops, pulls out, the camera seems to have been knocked to the ground, he mumbles something incomprehensible, we see her clothes on the floor, she's lying there trying to figure out what just happened, he finally shovels his cock back into her. Jeez! Can this guy do anything right? Well, yeah, it turns out, he can. He can find hot chicks who love to fuck and are good at it. Girls who love sex, as Alicia clearly does. You are going to get off on this scene. Despite the Loser's worst efforts.
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