Taking One For The Team
Featuring: Amateur Kitana
Added on: March 25th, 2015

The highlight of this scene is when Kitana, a tall, thin 22-year-old from Troy, New York, laughs at the loser's cock. We'd been waiting for that to happen for a long time, and here, it happens. But, first, some setup.

Kitana has long, black hair and a big tattoo on her back. She's wearing sexy panties, but we hardly get to see them because the Loser doesn't like to leave anything to the imagination and has her take it off right away. We get the feeling that Kitana is really into the tease (and probably spent a long time picking out those panties) and would have rather left them on because she knows how much guys love sexy panties. But the Loser, being a loser, has every girl do...

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Amateur Gia
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Vegas Honey
Added on: March 18th, 2015

Ya gotta hand it to the Loser. He finds some good ones.

This time, we have Heather Anne, an 18-year-old brunette from Las Vegas who tells us, "I used to work at a strip club." Say what? Used to when? She's only 18, for goodness sakes!

After the Loser smartly decides not to take that line of questioning any further, Heather reveals that she stopped stripping because she couldn't dance. But, as you're about to see, she can definitely fuck.

Our favorite part of this video is when Heather is blowing the Loser's cock and her hair starts getting in the way. She kindly asks, "Could you pull my hair back?" knowing that with her hair in the way, we can't...

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Little Sexy Lexi
Added on: March 11th, 2015

Lexi is a little one: five-feet, 106 pounds, 32-24-32, B-cup tits. She's a dirty blonde, and we mean that literally and figuratively.

Lexi isn't much of a talker. At first, she seems shy... reserved. But then she starts working on the Loser's cock and makes slurping noises. And the harder and faster she sucks, the more noise she makes, and before long, she's licking up and down his shaft and sucking even harder. You know how the Loser sometimes takes his time getting hard? Not this time. He's hard in a hurry, and for good reason. Lexi simply doesn't take "soft cock" for an answer. Slurp-slurp-gargle-gargle-slurp-lick-gargle. Very enjoyable.

The fucking in this...

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