Just keep sucking, baby.
Added on: April 23rd, 2014

The Loser proves that if you have a video camera, you can get the chicks. Otherwise, there's no way a 19-year-old hottie like Amber (a 5', 96-pound, blue-eyed blonde from Las Vegas, Nevada) would go anywhere near a guy like him. But there she is, sitting on his bed, ready to get down on her knees and suck his pathetic little cock when the call for action comes.

Yeah, the Loser's cock is a pathetic little thing, and it looks tinier than ever, like a travel-sized weiner, when Amber starts sucking it. A trains horn sounds in the background. But Amber isn't distracted, and apparently neither is the Loser. Or is Amber such a good cock sucker that she could get a dead man hard?

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Alexa loves to fuck. She's in the wrong place.
Added on: March 26th, 2014

Like we've said before, some girls are so hot and sexy that not not even the Loser can fuck them up. Such is the case with Alexa, a 5'6", 125 pound brunette from San Bernadino, California.

"Why are you here?" the Loser asks.

"I like to fuck," she answers.

And the Loser says, "Well, this is the right place to be."

Well, not exactly, but like we said, just keep the camera on Alexa, make sure the lighting is reasonably good (a challenge for the Loser, always), and keep the camera from shaking (another challenge) and there's no way you can fuck things up with this girl.

She takes off her clothes. She's wearing a white...

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Ass Play
Featuring: Amateur Myah
Added on: March 19th, 2014

This is Myah. She's 18 years old. She's from New York City. When the "Loser” asks her, she admits that she's nervous.

But not so nervous that she won't take it in the ass.

Yeah, that's right, we said it, the ass. The "Loser” doesn't delve into the anal cavity too often, but he's lucky enough to this time. Now, be forewarned: Myah's ass is little. It looks like you could break it in half if you fucked it too hard. But it doesn't break in half, and if the truth must be known, she seems to like it a lot better in her ass than in her pussy.

So, congratulations to the "Loser” for not only finding this hot piece of ass but also fucking her in the ass....

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